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Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen talk about the ‘scary’ side of social media
Written by Jason Guerrasio

One of the highlights from this year’s Sundance Film Festival was “Ingrid Goes West” (opening in theaters Friday), a dark comedy starring Aubrey Plaza as Ingrid, a girl so addicted to her Instagram account that she becomes dangerously obsessed with the “Insta-famous” Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen).

Elizabeth Olsen: I just don’t want people to know what I’m doing. [Laughs] And not that I think I have a stalker, I just want to stay private.

Guerrasio: What do you guys think of social media in general? The movie is kind of a commentary on where we are.

Plaza: I think it’s its own animal that is evolving and it’s something that in years to come we’ll look back on and learn a lot about. We’re in it right now, so it’s really hard to have a perspective on it, but it feels scary to me.

Olsen: I think it’s advancing so fast and there’s something always new, I think we’re still exploring how it’s most beneficial. “Black Mirror” is a show that shows you the scariest version, it’s almost a cautionary tale.

Guerrasio: I feel this movie is the same way, too. I mean, there are things you want to tell your fans, but you also want privacy and not to be trolled.

Plaza: Yeah, I’m a private person and don’t like sharing my private life with people, but as a producer and being in a professional business, there is a part of it where you need to give back. It’s nice to emote something and you want to make things for those people, so having that is good sometimes.

Olsen: I keep thinking about maybe doing it —

Guerrasio: Really?

Olsen: Yeah, but I probably won’t.

Plaza: [Laughs]

Olsen: Though I think about doing it.

Plaza: It’s like coming up with something to post and then going, “Forget it, I’m not doing it.”

Olsen: Yeah, I mean, honestly, from a specific business point of view, it would help me. But not in film or acting, it would help me in the other picture of all this, which is branding. Using it when I do a cover story, that would be helpful for me. And inevitably that is helpful for your projects. So there is a cycle and social media is very important to all those companies that you want to be on good terms with so you can promote your projects. I understand it from a business point of view and I have friends who handle it like a business, like you Aubrey (after a hiatus on Instagram, Plaza is back on it). But I just don’t know how to commit to it.

Guerrasio: You can always start one and have someone else be in charge of it.

Olsen: No, I would want to do it. (Olsen is now on Instagram.)

Guerrasio: Aubrey, did you do a lot of research to play Ingrid?