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Elizabeth Olsen teases ‘playful’ final episodes of ‘Sorry For Your Loss’
Written by Shirley Li

Leigh’s (Elizabeth Olsen) life may be messier than ever, but in the final episodes of Facebook Watch’s Sorry For Your Loss, she’ll get some room to breathe.

“Episode 9 is like this lovely short film that exists in a parallel universe, where Leigh gets to step outside of herself for a moment,” Olsen teases of the Palm Springs-set penultimate half-hour, which she calls her favorite. “It’s just this bottle episode that exists on its own, and it was nice to explore a different aspect of her… There’s something freeing, to put all of [her family drama] aside and just be a more playful version of her, a less weighed-down version.”

That lightness helped Olsen behind the camera as well. As an executive producer of the drama about a widow dealing with life after death, the Avengers star has learned plenty from her first brush with creating television, including the fact that, despite being in every room — from table read to editing bay — for every episode, she rarely knew the full story. That pressure lasted throughout the series, even when it came to this Tuesday’s final installment. “As a performer, trying to create a cohesive through-line without knowing exactly where we were going was a weekly challenge,” she says. “To me, it was the most challenging part of the finale.”

Sorry For Your Loss, over its past eight episodes, has not only chronicled how Leigh and her family (Janet McTeer plays mom Amy, Kelly Marie Tran plays sister Jules) have cycled through the stages of grief — from its darkest times to surprising moments of levity — but also delved into what may have led to the death of Leigh’s husband Matt (Mamoudou Athie). The fifth episode focused entirely on the late character’s battle with depression, and Olsen says she wanted to make sure the show portrayed the disorder in an honest way.

“I think people think of depression as this extreme state, when really, it’s something you have to every day try and give it a little love and try to figure it out, and watching someone actually do the work is something I feel like we don’t see very often,” she explains. “Every time I’m dealing with a phase in my life where I’m going, ‘Oh, I’m so down right now,’ that’s a different experience from being clinically depressed. So, I loved how we told this story of depression, especially in episode 5.”

And as far as a second season goes, well, Olsen admits she has “no idea” about the series’ future at this stage. After all, she points out, “this is kind of an experiment,” with Facebook Watch as a platform for storytelling. “It’s just fascinating to be a part of it,” she concedes. “Hopefully watching it is a cathartic experience for people, where they can feel like they can relate. I feel like the season finale ends at a place that is honest and real and not a trope of any kind.”