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Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective

Award-winning actress Elizabeth Olsen and esteemed musician Robbie Arnett have created a fresh approach to wellness in a new series that shows children ways to manage anxiety. Meet Hattie Harmony, Worry Detective.

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“I think the thing that i really wanted, as a producer, on a set, was lead by example of how you should treat people and, my favorite sets i’ve been on, the number one on the call sheets did that, or if the director were more the top dog, the director did that. It depends on the sets you were on, whether like the director’s more in control than the first – than the top actor, or who sets the tone. I just wanted to make sure that everyone felt collaborative, and that everyone felt like they’re being treated with respect, like across the board. Doesn’t matter what, like, what position you’re in and that to me is a really exciting place of leadership to be in. And that’s what i love about the combination of being an actor and producing at the same time. And there’s just, like, there’s a way that you can lay down the rules of how you should communicate with people and that’s something that i feel like we’ve always had, really nice sets because of it.” – Elizabeth Olsen, talking about her experience as Executive Producer in Sorry For Your Loss.

Elizabeth made her debut behind the camera as an Executive Producer for her Facebook Watch series, Sorry For Your Loss. She has expressed interest in producing animation, saying that what interests her is the “limitless of it.” while during a conversation with Build Series.

“The limitless of it. Like – i think, and the humor and i really like the children’s area right now. So, that’s what i’m curious about because i feel like we grew up in the 90’s children’s television” “Rugrats, Recess.” “And so fun and funny! And like, still today, so funny and i feel like we’ve like, just dumbed down like, children’s tv, and made it less clever for adults and like, we completely PC’ed like, everything, and so i’m just curious about how do you infuse that with a different point of view, or a point of view from the generation that’s now having kids.”

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