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Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective

Award-winning actress Elizabeth Olsen and esteemed musician Robbie Arnett have created a fresh approach to wellness in a new series that shows children ways to manage anxiety. Meet Hattie Harmony, Worry Detective.

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001.jpg Original Release: July 14, 2016 – Present
Original Network: Seeso (Season 1), VRV (Season 2-Present)
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Executive Produced by: Dan Harmon, Spencer Crittenden, Joe Russo II, James A. Fino
Produced by: David Ichioka
Running time: 30 episodes, 25 minutes

Dan Harmon and his celebrity friends get together to play a fantasy role playing game.

Cast & Characters

Dan Harmon (Fondue Zoobag), Erin McGathy (Beor O’Shift), Jeff B. Davis (Boneweevil), Spencer Crittenden (Game Master), Elizabeth Olsen (Stirrup).

Episode Guide

249.jpgEpisode 2.08: “The Keystone Obelisk” (October 27, 2017)
Episode Stills | Screen Captures

Now Knights of Forlona, the party are told that the obelisk is channeling mana from the other obelisks surrounding the city and down into the earth for some unknown purpose. To destroy it, Feldspar introduces the party to Prisoner 84, a half-elf arsonist named Stirrup (Elizabeth Olsen), an explosives expert serving a sentence for multiple acts of destruction. Given four limited-use rings of Featherfall and catapulted to the roof of the obelisk, they find a welded hatch that Stirrup blows open. Inside they stumble through a puzzle involving a magical mirror and eventually reach the obelisk’s power source and destroy it, blowing the four of them clear and crumbling the obelisk. As they float to the ground, Boneweevil is lauded by a crowd, which disparages Fondue and Beor as “old news.” As the lattice of energy overhead dissipates and the obelisk network goes dark, Celty’s floating castle appears and fires a giant beam of destructive magic at the Royal Palace, destroying it entirely, and beginning a hostile takeover of Forlona City.