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Hattie Harmony: Worry Detective

Award-winning actress Elizabeth Olsen and esteemed musician Robbie Arnett have created a fresh approach to wellness in a new series that shows children ways to manage anxiety. Meet Hattie Harmony, Worry Detective.

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Season 1
001.jpg Original Release: September 18, 2018
Original Network: Facebook Watch
Genre: Drama
Created by: Kit Steinkellner
Executive Produced by: Robin Schwartz, Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf, Lizzy Weiss, Kit Steinkellner, Elizabeth Olsen, James Ponsoldt, Jon Liebman, Cynthia Pett, Brad Petrigala
Running time: 10 episodes, 26-32 minutes

Episode Guide

Episode 1.01: “One Fun Thing”
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During a grief counseling group meeting, advice columnist Leigh Shaw opens up about her husband Matt’s recent death. After conducting a fitness class, Leigh talks with her sister Jules who asks her to pick up some clothes from her and Matt’s apartment. Leigh tries to go but cannot make it through the front door. Later, she meets her friend and column editor Drew for lunch. He attempts to convince her to return to writing her column, which she left after Matt’s death, and she agrees to consider it. At another counseling meeting, Leigh runs into Matt’s brother Danny. While sitting in his car, they engage in an argument over who has suffered the greater loss with Matt’s death. In a flashback, Leigh and Matt head over to Amy’s house and are greeted by Jules who rushes to show them collage cards that Amy has made. Back at their apartment, Leigh asks Matt for help with a response she is writing for her advice column. Sometime later, Leigh awakens on her couch and notices that Matt is not yet home. She leaves to go look for him and eventually finds him in his car on the side of the road.

316.jpgEpisode 1.02: “Keep, Toss, Give Away”
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Leigh returns to the apartment she shared with Matt. She enlists Jules and her mother to help her clean out the apartment. Things are complicated when Matt’s brother Danny arrives to claim some of Matt’s possessions. Danny and Leigh fight over the comic book that Matt was working on. Realizing that she may not have known Matt as well as she thought, Leigh ultimately decides to give the book to Danny.

292.jpgEpisode 1.03: “Jackie O. and Courtney Love”
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Leigh realizes she doesn’t know the code to Matt’s phone and keeps trying to unlock it. At grief group, she meets another young widow, Becca Urwin, a perky war widow who tries to befriend Leigh. After Becca comes to Beautiful Beast, Leigh ends up accidentally upsetting a different customer in an effort to make Becca uncomfortable leaving Jules to try to clean up her mess. After rudely telling Becca she doesn’t want her friendship Leigh has second thoughts and apologizes to her. Becca reveals that her marriage was troubled and she maintains a facade so that people will like her.

425.jpgEpisode 1.04: “Visitor”
Episode Stills | Screen Captures

While out jogging Leigh rescues a dog that wanders out into traffic. While searching for the dog’s owners she nicknames the dog Visitor, as a reminder to her and Jules that the dog is only a temporary guest. Visitor triggers memories of Leigh’s early courtship with Matt when he first confessed his depression and use of prozac and introduced her to his dog, Rogue. The memories make Leigh realize that Matt’s passcode is the date of Rogue’s death. Jules creates a new fitness class as Amy’s plans to buy the building that Beautiful Beast is housed in and turn it into a wellness center, is thwarted by a group of investors with an all cash offer to buy the place.

003.jpgEpisode 1.05: “17 Unheard Messages”
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Leigh finally gets to look at Matt’s unlocked phone where she sees multiple unheard voicemails. In a flashback, we see that Matt was struggling heavily with depression that summer as he maxed out on his medication and needed to switch to a different prescription. Voicemails from Danny left-postmortem reveal that Matt died while hiking, and Danny becomes unsure whether his death was an accident or a suicide.

458.jpgEpisode 1.06: “I Want a Party”
Episode Stills | Screen Captures

To Amy and Jules’ shock Leigh is excited and happy on her birthday and decides she wants to celebrate the occasion with a large party, inviting over 600 of her Facebook friends. Before the party, she attempts to get her advice column back and learns that the writer who replaced her has made the column go viral several times. Despite asking for the party to be sober many people bring alcohol causing Jules to struggle. A high school classmate of Leigh’s, the Schwab, arrives and hits on Amy after revealing he always had a crush on her. Leigh meanwhile confronts one of her best friends who disappeared when Matt died and tries to force Danny to admit that Matt likely killed himself.

550.jpgEpisode 1.07: “I Hate Chess”
Episode Stills | Screen Captures

Leigh wants to know more about Matt and his depression. Believing his childhood, which he never talked about, holds the answers to the origin of his depression she contacts first Danny and then her mother-in-law Bobby to look for answers. Her assumptions about Matt and his relationship with his father are turned on their head. Jules struggles with the 4th step of Alcoholics Anonymous and finds surprising comfort with Leigh’s father’s 2nd wife, Sabrina.

187.jpgEpisode 1.08: “A Widow Walks Into a Wedding”
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Leigh, Jules, and Danny attend their friend Drew’s wedding. An already difficult day quickly goes awry when Leigh bumps into the florist who made the centerpieces for her wedding and lies that Matt is out of town instead of revealing he’s dead. Leigh ends up walking out of the ceremony, but Danny persuades her to come back. Meanwhile, Amy and Richard come together to talk about Jules and Sabrina’s surprising friendship with strange results.

845.jpgEpisode 1.09: “Welcome to Palm Springs”
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Leigh discovers that her father and Sabrina gifted her with a getaway in Palm Springs. Seeking to avoid Danny after they shared an intimate moment at Drew’s wedding Leigh decides to run from her problems and spends the weekend at the hotel. While there she ends up flirting with a man who claims to be the owner of the hotel while Leigh pretends to be an international jewel thief.

460.jpgEpisode 1.10: “The Penguin and the Mechanic”
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Leigh is upset when she can’t remember a joke that Matt told her. When she confides in Becca in group Becca advises her to go where the memories are. Leigh goes to her former apartment where the new tenant gives her mail including the proofs for Matt’s graphic novel. When Leigh discovers that the publisher is still interested in publishing Matt’s graphic novel provided that they are given the ending Leigh enlists Danny’s help in finding any notes or sketches Matt left behind. In the course of their research, Danny and Leigh discover new things about the timeline of Matt’s death that leads to further disagreements between them.