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Elizabeth Olsen discusses her 1st Emmy nomination for “WandaVision”  

Following up on the Variety article, we now have an interview that Elizabeth gave after her Emmy nomination was announced. A fun talk, which also brings up Halloween costumes? Check out the interview, posted by Awards Watch below!

With the incredible 23 Emmy nominations for WandaVision this morning, the most for any limited series this year, it only seemed fitting to speak with Elizabeth Olsen about her first Emmy nomination. Little did we know that we’d eventually speak with her over the phone while she was driving through a canyon which in many ways is very fitting. Wanda and Vision find themselves in the oddest of circumstances during some of the more recognizable time periods in recent history. How did Elizabeth find out about her nomination? What was her favorite episode in the series? Did she speak with any of the cast following the announcement? We cover it all and then some.

Dewey Singleton: Congratulations, Ms. Olsen.

Elizabeth Olsen: Thank you. Fair warning, I am driving through a canyon. Just wanted to let you know.

DS: Let’s get to the obvious question, how did you find out?

EO: My partner Robbie told me when I was emptying the dishwasher this morning.

DS: Was there disbelief? Were you shocked that you got nominated?

EO: I mean, I am okay being the underdog. So, I wasn’t trying to get my hopes up, but I definitely was hoping that our show would get recognized. And I know that it did have a really special response, and being a part of Marvel, you don’t get a lot of kind critical recognition from awards. And so, you never know, and I’m surprised. And I think I’m mostly excited that it sounds like so many of our departments got recognized and it was a very challenging job and we all cared so much. And so, I’m just happy for the entire 360, I’m very happy for everyone that worked so hard on our show.

DS: When I talked to your marvelous director Matt Shakman, he said that quote, you not being nominated would be an injustice because of what you brought to that series. He said that about you and Paul. What was it like working with him on the series?

EO: There’s no way this show would have been created by anyone else and been as successful. I don’t think there’s a person in the world who’s more equipped to create such a great job with something that asks so much of a director stylistically and genre-wise and tonally. And I just feel like, and beyond that, he’s a kind, patient, an incredible source of information. Matt Shakman’s just, I cannot speak more highly of him. He’s really just, we were so lucky to have him. And I still work with the same hair and makeup team since WandaVision. And we talk about him almost every day. We adore Matt Shakman.

DS: Out of all the episodes of WandaVision, which one was the most enjoyable to you? My theory is that it had to have been the one in front of the live studio audience.

EO: You know what, that wasn’t my favorite just because it was the first. And I think it was a lot, right? It was just a lot of, we’re starting our show. This is the first way we’re starting our show. I think it was, I felt less in control of that one. And then I think once we got to the seventies, I just felt so free because the seventies tonally already kind of had the most absurd comedy style that we were going for. And so, I really enjoyed that style of comedy. And then I enjoyed this splicing between that and kind of the false exterior starting to come down a bit in that episode. So, there was a tonal line that was fun to play. And then the seventies sitcom was just a joy.

DS: Are you aware that there’s already a large number of people purchasing WandaVision Halloween costumes and to add to that point, there’s a large number of people now getting Wanda tattoos?

EO: (Laughs) No, I didn’t know about that. (Laughs) Oh, no. That’s kind of incredible!

DS: In preparing for the interview, I stumbled upon a large number of female fans getting Wanda conjuring up dinner on their bicep.

EO: (Laughs) Oh, my God, that’s so cool.

DS: I mean, you’ve left your mark literally on the world with this show.

EO: Oh, my goodness. I mean, it is the character also, right? I mean, the character has been around for many decades and we just got to put her into situations that the comics already did, but play with it in the world that Marvel created. So, the character does precede me, but that is incredible.

DS: Now, this is probably the one day out of the year, the day of your nomination, where nobody’s trying to hit you up for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness spoilers.

EO: Yeah. I think the thing that I’m most interested in is WandaVision kind of gave Wanda a new audience and to just see kind of how we can take advantage of that new audience for her and for moving forward.

DS: Has Paul reached out to you at all? Have you talked with him?

EO: Yeah, we texted this morning, Paul and I, and Kathryn and I, and Matt and Jack, I texted with them really briefly this morning, just kind of feeling proud of ourselves and each other and what we made. We had a really incredible experience making the show because it was so challenging, but there was so much joy even through the challenge. And so, it was just nice to get to give each other all a big thumbs up.

DS: Well, you can’t take this away from you guys because Disney+ has not had this level of success on the award scene until now and you guys are a large reason why that is. 23 nominations, I believe is the number. That’s outstanding!

EO: Thank you! Thank you very much.

DS: And please, look up those tattoos. It will make you laugh, I promise.

EO: (laughs) I will. That’s incredible!